Google nexus review : amazing techniques

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Some people are really tired of watching OEM. Today, an initiative has been taken from the part of Google executives to announce a launch of seven inch tablet in their own name.  The device is from Nexus brand.  You cannot think it to be a device manufactured by Google alone. Rather it is a wonderful device that has come into the market with a perfect combination of Google and nexus. Google nexus is really holding a prestigious tag within the executive class of people.

You must have heard about various tablets that have been manufactured by HTC, Samsung and Motorola but Google nexus will be a new term for you. This is a device that includes all important features. You can get the price list of the device from Amazon. The current price at the rock bottom is $199.  This brings an entirely new look for all android apps.  Some of the general feature of the device will include web browsers, social networking, emailing etc. You can now do anything just by carrying a device like Google nexus.

A new device named nexus Q has been launched in 2012. Some of the salient features associated with this device are:

  • tight integration capability
  • Feature of media steaming

This device has got a capability of media steaming. There are various setups which you can adopt for this device. The price of this device is also quite affordable as compared to its competitors.  IF the competitors display a price tag of $300,  nexus Q  will provide you all the features in just $200. Thus you are in a position to save as much as $100. This device is really worth of the cash amount.

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The Blackberry 10 review

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The Blackberry 10, slotted to release in the early months of 2013, is a mobile operating system developed by RIM for the BB line of smart phones. Remembering the earlier BB7, the BB10 is far encouraging than from other RIM’s systems. With the prototype released, all we can witness is the absence of physical keys; thumbs up to the entirely gesture-based aspect. However, to keep in mind the QWERTY fashion in line, the company is planning to deliver QWERTY keyboard models alongside the touch screen handsets. The biggest competition with the other OS would be that BB10 is not an open source and hence the parties interested would need a license.

One glimpse of the system would take you through a ride that is a patchwork in-between android and IOS. The widgets are similar to the windows phone live tiles though much bigger and rather interesting to look at. The top is similar to the android bar with the time, battery, Wi-Fi indicators etc and the bottom as well as another touch bar controls though this bar changes depending upon which page you are viewing. The notifications were a plus point, as sliding across the home screen brings a side bar with icons for notification. Needless to mention the greater amount of time, investment and R&D that have been utilize by RIM on dealing with the touch keyboard. The company’s say was that the touch screens that are available today do not satisfy the users.

Keeping in mind the speciality RIM has on physical keyboards, producing a touch keypad, which will be as conventionally good as the blackberry present until date is quite a challenge.

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The Samsung s3 Review: an update with test

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Samsung has gained its popularity in the market due to launch of various electronic devices.  The popularity has even made its competitors think about their position. A South Korean giant has revealed a shift of 10 million Samsung S3. The sales have been unexpectedly higher than expected in the market. If you are gazing at s3 smart phones and thinking of picking it up, you are in the process of taking the right decision. A complete review of the smart phone with regards to its various specifications will turn your mint to get one from the market. Your friends will also wish to take one as and when you have displayed it within your friend circle.

Before launching Samsung S3, a thorough test has been adopted with observations and screenshots.  Today, in various websites you will be able to view reviews on Samsung S3. You can also take some advice from the people who have already used the device. The forums will help you to get a true idea about the device. Customer reviews will be best as people who have bout this product have shared their experience from the rest of the crowd. You will get to know about pros and cons.

Some of the features associated with Samsung S3 are:

  • Video multi tasking feature
  • Voice assistance feature
  • Multi device content sharing software
  • Visa payment app

People are really crazy to get a device which will be, multi tasking. You can now pay for lunch and dinner with Samsung S3.  Ladies can shop really well with the help of this device. Games with lot of graphics are now available with Samsung S3.

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The HTC One S Review

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The HTC One S is a smaller android version of the company’s signature HTC One X. True with the decrease in size the specifications have also lessened but in more than few areas; it has outperformed its predecessor. For starters, the design is impressively elegant with a single piece aluminum wrapping the entire device. The display of the screen is about 4.3inch with micro speakers, front facing camera and the buttons are capacitive. A blue ring paired with led flash has marked the back camera and at the bottom is a HTC logo.

It is HTC’s flagship of making aluminum casing but with the HTC One S, it has given a gradient finish to the phone with color shades excluding the back. Keeping in mind the competition it had against the slim phones, HTC has produced the slimmest phone with One S, which weighs only 119.5 grams. The display is elegant with a protecting cover of Gorilla glass though inferior to the LCD displays gives good view angles. This smart phone comes with android OS v4.0 with a pre included HTC Sense 4.0 that enables users to launch any application right from the home screen.

With 1650mAh battery, it can proudly boast of keeping up with nine and a half hours running and with a regular use, it can promise a clean 12-14 hours. Adding to this, the device highlights an 8Mp BSI with imaging sensor and f2.0lens. The bottom line, it is truly attractive with an amazing sound quality, attractive features like T-Mobile, Amazon Mobile and a free storage from DropBox, it is a complete powerhouse to keep you loyal to the HTC device.

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The Iphone 4s Review: a modern device to attract you

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Do you have plans for getting iphone? The new and advanced features associated with Iphone can be viewed at iphone 4s.  The particular device has been launched in October 2011. The first 3 days of the launch have shown the market with a sale of 4 million. The demand has never got diminished till date.  You can have a quick look at the main feature of iphone 4s to view its advantage over other similar devices.

New features in iphone 4s

The iphone is equipped with dual core processor, camera with 8 mega pixel, variety of new games, colour balance scheme with clarity etc. You will be happy to get an additional feature of multimedia gaming in iphone 4sThe new design of iphone has got an antenna issue as raised forward by apple.  The iphone is also equipped with a talk about feature “siri”. This is exclusively built for this iphone. The device has got the capacity of digital assistance along with voice control.

Display of iphone 4s

When you pick up a phone of an iphone, the first feature which you notice is its display. This feature is also known as retina display in a technical term.  This iphone 4s has got a wide display of 3.5 inches. The resolution is 960 X 640. This feature provides the device with sharpness of video. You will be really happy to view your HD movies in such a sharp display featured iphone. The brightness as well as colours scheme of iphone 4s is incomparable. A high quality of advanced touch features is also associated with iphone 4s. This is real good news for all the youngsters willing to get a unique iphone.

Find ipad mount/holder, tablet wall mount and stand for bed and kitchen

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Is Apple Out Of Breath?

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By Ludo Houdre of Fueled, an award winning mobile app design and development house based in London.

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple has picked off WifiSLAM, an indoor geolocation company founded by the former software guru of Google, Joseph Huang. The deal is worth $20 million. Within two years, WiFiSLAM has developed a technology which once the user is located pulls off the interior of the building, using the surrounding wi-fi spots. The precision is 2.5 meters, a little slight to locate itself in the middle of a shopping mall or of a museum, but it is enough for showing Points Of Interest (POI) in the middle of a crowd within a small radius. It remains to be seen how Apple will develop this technology, which could eventually compete with the indoor maps feature of Google Maps.

Indeed, Apple currently puts the means to drastically improve its offer, and if Apple Maps is not still at the level of its competitors, the service has had many improvements since. But Apple Maps on iOS 6 is still the laughingstock of the users of Google Maps – and with good reasons. Tim Cook himself had to apologize for the bad quality of the cartographic data of this new service.

This is partly why the pessimism about Apple is growing slowly. It remains to be seen whether or not the company still has this swagger that elevated itself to the height of the tech sector. Times are changing at Apple. Its margins are down, its profits are not blowing away expectations anymore. Investors are worried and Tim Cook must reassure them. Apple’s growth has slowed down a little bit and it seems like the company is no longer able to innovate.

But this new acquisition move could also signaled Apple’s next growth opportunity even if the company seems being out of breath. It is not as if rivals have been able to capitalize. The iPhone and iPad are still better than Microsoft Windows Phone and Windows Tablet. The iPhone and iPad are still the standard. Without forgetting to mention the Samsung’s Galaxy S4, this device is still far from the iPhone. BlackBerry is no exception, its brand new phones don’t have a very high popularity.

However, we have to see how Apple will implement this new technology of WiFi Slam in its products. For example, WifiSLAM could be used with Siri and cars. Cars could find cars, and Siri will guide the way. Waiting to see what is going to happen, the deal should silence rumors which claim the company is hoarding too much cash and has run out of “neat ideas.”

So we could say Apple has taken a punch. The company is in danger, but is still the best. With new products around the corner and an exciting new acquisitions, nothing suggests that Apple will collapse. But pay attention to Google. Imagine an iOs device without Google features (Search, Maps, Gmail). It will not be really appealing. In this case, the idea to improve Apple Maps and become as competitive as the Google one is quite a good move.

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Understanding Mobile Phones

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Benefits of fixed mobile convergence

A convergence solution can help an organization to make three types of savings – savings on call costs, productivity and infrastructures.

Savings delivered through convergence

The call cost savings are the easiest savings to measure but they provide the least scale savings. One can reap more benefits from productivity and infrastructure efficiencies. Infrastructure savings are delivered via green field site deployments and fixed line replacement strategies.


While providing great opportunities for deriving benefits from convergence to the organizations, the improved business processes and productivity are also the hardest ones to quantify. Although these may not help in deriving the real benefits directly but help in generating benefits from enhanced customer satisfaction and repeat business value. Therefore, increase in potential process re-engineering and productivity leave positive impacts on the client satisfaction levels. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved productivity
  • Ease in extending capacity
  • Reduced duplication
  • Improvement in the responsiveness of the business
  • Reduced call costs
  • Extension of the fixed line call features to the mobile phones

The converged solutions enable the workforce of an organization to become highly productive with the help of services like mobile access to conferencing and direct dial extensions. For example, a healthcare consulting company can achieve 10% -15% gain in the productivity of consultants through reduced telephone tag. As per another example, The travel insurance company’s call centre handled 25% extra calls due to increased responsiveness of its agents.

although softer benefits are much difficult to measure but can lead to quantifiable cost saving improvements, customer retention, customer satisfaction and the revenue for the enterprises. One basic solution that can be adopted is a business SIM enabling HSDPA, Data 3G, SMS and voice while roaming- national or international. This way employees can have full control over their business related texts and calls.

There are some other services which must be considered for such applications. These include:

  • Roaming
  • Number Portability
  • Data Support
  • Short Code Dialling

Productivity benefits are often difficult to quantify and the best way to address these benefits is the individual basis. however, financial savings can be determined with the help of calculations. Also, the ability to consistently and rapidly answer client calls and enquiries ensure that a valuable client is gained and maintained due to the better customer support.  Researchers have shown that the softer benefits that are often ignore or go unnoticed are major tools for saving costs.

These days users have become much more aware for electronic devices and always crave for buying useful gadgets. BIG W Australia is an online portal which has a wide array of electronic goods and specialises in extensive delivery of electronics and communication solutions.


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Photo Backdrops and How They Cheat Failure

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Photo Backdrops and How They Cheat Failure
As a photographer, your success depends upon client satisfaction. In order to build a successful photography business, or run a creative photo studio, long term relationships must be formed with clients. There is no success without them. Clients who leave your service satisfied will advise three, or maybe four, of their friends and family members to use your services. Clients which leave your service dissatisfied will, undoubtedly, tell every person that they come into contact with. One dissatisfied client can “snow-ball” into fifty people who will never give you a chance, possibly leading to your ruin. Nobody wants that. So, how do we cheat failure? One way that we can cheat failure is by using high quality photo backdrop, in order to better satisfy our clients.

LA Shop photo 7-1(1)

• Cheat failure using a photo shooting table, like this one, sold through the TheLAShop. This form of photo backdrop is used by professionals, and it produces professional results. Photo shooting tables are used to shoot small objects. They provide a level of lighting control that is unmatched. With a photo shooting table, you basically have a photo background on all four sides. It can be backlit, using soft lighting from bottom, top, or either side. The table stands forty-inches tall, and is eighty-inches long. It is constructed of glare proof, translucent plexi-glass, which will not crease. Background clamps (a full set is included in the LA Shop unit) are used to secure the table top on the frame, giving you total control of the lighting effects.
LA Shop photo 7-1

• Cheat failure using scenic photo backdrops. Muslin, canvas, and vinyl backdrops are available in an almost infinite number of scenic variations. This type of background is also offered digitally. The problem with a digital backgrounds is this: You lose much of your ability to control lighting evenly. So, try these:
Famous Historical Scenes.
These scenic solutions cover everything from the Garden of Eden to the Battle of Armageddon. If your client wants to be photographed in a famous Historical scene, chances are that it is available, for the right price.
Special Effect Scenes.
Sci-fi, horror, apocalyptic, action, and animal are just a few of the special effects photographic backdrop scenes, which are available. Somewhere, right now there is a “Trekkie” just waiting to get his/her photo taken using a sci-fi backdrop. Go ahead, make him happy, shoot him.
Sports Scenes.
Do you have a client that wants to get in the ring with the Champ? Well, maybe he just wants to make it look as though he did. Make him happy. Cheat failure, and shoot him using a realistic sports photo background scene. They are available for almost any sport, and several sports offer many different scene selections, within themselves. Get a shot of Tommy on the fifty-yard line, or Johnny on the pitcher’s mound at Yankee Stadium. How about standing on the Olympic podium? Give clients what they want using Sport Scene realistic photographic backgrounds.
If you can dream it, you can shoot it.

• Cheat failure using a photography lighting tent. This device was designed to shoot small objects. Most jewelry photos are shot using some variation of the photo tent. If your clientele demands involve shooting small objects, then this miniature studio is a must have. Inside, it has a seamless appearance, which allows for professional quality photos. Lighting in the tent is offered in a variety of configurations. A really high-quality unit will be equipped, on three sides, with soft lights. This is called a soft light tent. You will cheat failure using a professional quality photography box, if your studio caters to shooting small objects.

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Why Should You Opt For Braun Series 7 790cc Pulsonic Shaver?

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Most of the men want to use an electric shaver for its convenience. But they all have experienced that electronic shavers do not give a close shave as much as razor blade does, in spite of the price they are paying for it. However you would be surprised to know that not all electric shavers are created in the same way. The shavers of the popular brand, Braun provides high quality and performance for its users. And you will be delighted to know that these affordable razors are included amongst the best electric razor reviews 2013. It is high time that you must know the details of the latest model and get it for yourself for the smoothest shave ever!

Try the Braun series of shaver and you will get reasons to love it yourself:

  • It loves up to its promise of giving you a close shave- with this amazing electronic shaver; you do not have to use a blade. It gives a top notch performance with the help of its technology of OptFoil. This helps to capture the hair closely, and cut it with a deeper stroke.
  • It is faster- the ability of this electronic shaver to capture the hair easily, shaves off all hair at one go. Therefore you do not have to go on repeating a particular area for shaving. The Pulsonic technology also helps in tackling the problem areas like the neck with ease.
  • Captures flat hair easily- very often men cut themselves while shaving areas of flat hair. With the ActiveLift technology, you do not have to fear about any cuts at all.
  • Flexible shaving- the pivoting shaver of the head helps to maximize the facial adaptation. It does not leave any pressure or irritation on the skin as well.
  • Clean and renew system- the user friendly shaver makes cleaning, charging, drying and lubricating the razor very easy.


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Join Keek And Start Uploading Your Home Made Videos!

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Who said you can’t be innovative and experimental? The new social networking site called Keek, which was launched in 2011, gives its users a chance to be just that. There are many of us who have innumerous homemade videos that are lying with us just because we do not have many people to share them with. Now Keek offers you a platform where you can not only upload your home-made videos shot by you, your friends or your family but also get people to like them. Keek is in fact exclusively designed and launched for giving a platform to video lovers.

You can spend hours watching your own videos and the videos uploaded by your friends and family. You also get instant updates about the videos updated by those whom you are following and this means that you spend some quality time watching quality videos. Though these videos need to be short, you get ample scope to share your ideas, express your feelings and even showcase your hidden talents. The best thing about Keek is that you are sure to find a lot of audience among its millions of users. Keek is for everybody and all you need to do is register with the site, customize your profile and start uploading!

Keek has been equally accepted by celebrities from all genre of the industry. The Kardashians are one of the most active members in Keek and they are always caught uploading the most interesting videos that you can find on Keek. No wonder,Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner are some of the most followed members on Keek. From the videos uploaded by them, we get to know interesting facts like Kylie Jenner’s shirts are always trendy and classy and that Kendall loves video games. You too can upload interesting videos and make a fan following of your own.

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An Insight into the IT industry in Finland

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Finland is a very high tech country. Though there are only 520 million people in this country, the growth of development is increasing. This country is using many new technologies developed in every field. When it comes to national economy, the information technology and teleprospektointi industry in Finland is highly developed and is a great competition for other IT industries of the world. Finland hold a second position in IT industry, in the world, authorised by Economist Intelligence Unit. USA holds the first position, Singapore the third and Sweden the fourth. So the Finnish IT industry has a great contribution to the growth of economy in Finland. It is capable of providing high technologies related to IT industry.
One of the leading companies in the mobile phone industry, which has a huge global impact belongs to Finland. The Finnish products and services of information technology have covered a great market in the world. Finland is providing very high technology products and software solutions to the entire world. Finland has maintained a great place in different fields such as in life sciences, Protone, management science, energy and renewable energy science, environmental science, etc. Finland is enriched in all these fields which increases the growth of economy. But in the field if information technology it has become the most prominent star in the midst of all. Actually, Finland has adjusted their industrial strategies. The growth of papermaking, machinery industries and metal industries has also helped to increase the growth of IT industry in Finland.

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Cigna Mobile App

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Ever thought about knowing your health status just by using a mobile app? Well-known health-care firm Cigna recently came up with a revolutionary mobile app called as the myCigna Mobile App that provides you the convenience of keeping a check on your health and organizing your health information properly. This application can be immensely useful if utilized properly. It provides a lot of health related and emergency options. These include finding the right doctor in case of emergency, knowing the right price for the medicines that you buy, keeping a track of your health-related expenses, and many more.

MyCigna app can be considered as sort of professional health care directory. Ever since its launch, the app has received tremendous positive response and is growing in popularity day by day. Cigna has hinted on releasing updates for this app in coming time that shall further increase the number of benefits for users.

The features may vary sometimes based on your phone compatibility and requirements. This Cigna app can be accessed for free just by filling up a small and easy registration form at For more convenience, there are helpline numbers mentioned in every register ID that can be used to know all your health related details entered in the app previously. Thus, this app is an extremely easy way to personalize your health issues and resolve them. With just one go, you can start experiencing a better life by being healthy and make the most of it.

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